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Alex’s CamberGanGTR

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Like most photographers, I randomly get the itch to snag the camera and grab some photos. Whether it’s a few portraits of the kids, some street photography or photos of my personal build. Every once in a while on social media I will toss up a post to see who’s interested in a shoot. The response and support is always crazy I just wish summer was longer to shoot every car possible. To be honest, before I even picked up the camera I’ve always driven by locations and thought to myself “how dope it would be to put a car in there.” With several of these locations in mind I’ve composed a makeshift bucket list and with the help of a couple local friends, Sunny and Alex, we were able to knock this one out. So, now on to the good stuff, I first met Alex at one of the teams( events. He had a super aggressively fitted Acura TSX that made its rounds throughout the national events in the scene, but like most enthusiasts we get the urge to raise the bar. So Alex pulled the trigger and when long distance to snag a deal on importing a R32 Skyline. Now his approach with the vehicle definitely wasn’t traditional in purist ideals. But Alex is looking to upgrade his turbo and support the performance aspect with additional bolt-ons that will give it the bump in horsepower he feels it’s lacking. As far as we know this is only just the beginning for what he has in store for this build. But we at Tuner|Status will definitely following the progression of this build in the future!

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Owner: @alex_1320

Photographer: @rexjones_

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