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“Big Drip” Gabe’s C300 on Work Emitz

2015 Mercedes C300 mod list:


- Turbokits Blow off valve


- Carbon Fiber center console

- Ambient Lighting installed


- Upgraded Diamond Grille

- LED Mercedes Badge

- Carbon Fiber Vent Bezels

- Carbon Fiber Front Lip

- Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

- Carbon Fiber Sideskirts

- Carbon Fiber Window Visors

- Carbon Fiber Rear Windshield Visor

- Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Spats

- Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Vents

- Carbon Fiber Diffuser

- Carbon Fiber Duckbill


- D2 Air Struts

- 3P Airlift Managements

- Custom F1 Fab Rear Camber Arms


- Work Emitz

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