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Julio’s Static FRS

To the car community the ae86 is synonymous amongst legendary vehicles such the GTR, Supra, M3, S- Chassis Cars(take your pick) and the list goes on. When I first heard via a friend that Subaru and scion were collabing on their rendition of a remake back in 2015. Like most of us my expectation to see these guys drop a baby Supra I was kind of hype. For Julio the timing couldn’t have been any better. Starting off in the scene with family and a modified 08 civic Julio eventually moved up to a BMW. After losing the motor on that build Julio fell in love with the FRS because of the sheer amount of aftermarket support which would allow him to push the limits of what he envisioned for his vehicle. Within the scene its definitely not hard to spot Julio and his build you can always catch him at local and national events linking up with friends, but every once in a while you will see him take minute to pause and look at vehicle that he considers a “piece of art” and direct extension of another enthusiasts persona. Taking in different styles and modifications that may inspire him in different approaches with his own vehicle. None of us absolutely know what’s in store for our future. But as for Julio and his FRS if he see’s something he likes definitely expect him to pull the trigger!

Photographer/Writer Instagram: @rexjones_

Building This FRS:

Voodoo13 lower, toe, and trailing control arms

Dominant upper control arms

44k broadway static coilovers with onimade camber plates

Nardi woodgrain 330mm wheel

APR sideview mirrors

Valenti tailights

Painted rustic green

Work Meister L1 18x11 -24

Feature Sponsors:

Karbon Kings Performance-


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