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Nick’s “Sweeden Low” Volvo

Photographer: @rexjones_

writter: @matto.jpn


Why do people modify their cars? A question we wonder sometimes while hanging around other enthusiasts. For some, it was growing up around cars, fixing them with dad. While others simply wanted to stand out from the crowd. Everyone has a reason for what they do, whether in life or to their cars. Nick wanted to stand out. He wanted to be different and not have a run of the mill Volvo. Nick Belmonte is a 22-year-old plumber from Saugus, MA. When he was finally able to legally drive on the road, his love for this art wasn’t there. After seeing all these modified cars blasting around, he realized how it amazing it was to take a simple car and make it your own. What kept him going and made his hobby possible was his father. Nick’s father is a automotive technician by trade and made it possible for him to make his dreams and ideas into reality. I think we can all agree, that nothing feels better than finishing a project, take a few steps back, and admire all the blood, sweat and tears. The hardest part is choosing what project to take on. We all have that “first” car. We never forget it, and sometimes wish it was still around. It’s the car that paves the way for what is ahead. Nick had a NA Volvo 850 that he loved. It was boxy and different from any other cars in the community. As he got more involved with the car scene and learned more about the Volvo brand, he realized the potential turbo models had. Equipped with this newly acquired knowledge, he got himself a 1998 Volvo S70 T5M. It wasn’t in the best of shape, but it was his. It was time to make it unique and different, so now all the hard work had to begin. The thing with Volvos is a majority of the car community doesn’t know much about them, and the aftermarket support just isn’t there. A lot of the parts and modifications done to Nick’s car are all custom fabricated by himself. Being self-taught by his father, he was able to do custom fab work to his hood and fenders, amongst other things. His favorite modification is his air ride suspension. He made a custom kit for it and was able to do it all in his driveway. One of the more difficult parts of his build was finding parts! It took him months to find a business able to make custom brackets for his Brembo BBK kit. People don’t realize the time and effort spent on such small details. Nick feels that since people don’t understand what their looking at, they don’t appreciate it as much as others. People who walk by your car at shows never really see or appreciate all those nights spent in the driveway, those days after working ten hours and coming home to work another six on your car. The struggles, the low points, and the swearing. The memories you make on your own or with friends and family. The knowledge you learn with just getting your hands dirty a bit. A lot of it goes unnoticed, and even more so with cars people aren’t familiar with. Nicks car is a great representation of self-expression and an example of what you can do if you truly set your mind to something. But does his passion end here? Nick has thoughts of his next build already, although he has assured it’s not for some time. He’s looking to come up with some sort of drift build. An older rear wheel drive Volvo, E36 or perhaps a Miata? His hopes are set higher though, if funds allow. He’d like to purchase a Nissan Skyline R32 GTST. Making that his track-built car while keeping his S70 to have as an ongoing project. Whatever the future holds for Nick, all of us at TunerStatus hope for the best and look forward for what’s to come.

It was a pleasure to interview Nick and get a little more personal with him than the normal passersby.


• 2001 RN Engine Swap

• Larger Throttle Body w/ upgraded throttle plate

• Larger Intake/Exhaust Manifold

• Larger Turbo Housing

• 3” Catless Downpipe to 2.5” Straight Pipe

• Custom Front Mount Intercooler Kit

• Custom Air Intake to allow Forge 007 Splitter Valve

• Airlift V2 Management

• Airlift Sleeves with Custom Brackets in Rear

• Universal Air Bags on CX Racing Coilovers in Front w/ Custom Top Brackets

• Front Camber Plates

• Koni Yellow Rear Shocks

• 18x8/9 Rays V-Pieza Wheels

• 5x108 to 5x114.3 Adapters

• R1 Concepts Drilled and Slotted Rotors

• S60R Brembo BBK w/ stainless brake lines

• Scion FRS Rocket Bunny Front Lip

• Volvo XC70 Front Bumper

• Custom Made Canards

• Projector Retrofit Headlights w/ RGB Halos and LED DRL Strips

• Projector Corner Lights

• Plasti-Dipped Metallic purple with Black Rear Quarter Panel

• Custom Boser Hood

• Short Throw Shifter

• Turbonetics Manual Boost Controller

• LPD Stage 1 Tune

• MSD Blaster Ignition Coil

• OBX Strut Brace

• Diffuser

• Custom Side Skirts

• Custom Rear Bumper Winglets

• Oil Catch Can

• Custom Dash Mounted Gauge Pods

• AEM AFR Gauge

• Boost Gauge

• Oil Pressure Gauge

• Flocked Dash

• Custom Vented Fenders

• V70r Diamond Stitched Front Seats

• XC90 Wood Steering Wheel

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